78. The Rights of Grandparents and other family Members to See Kids

The Rights of Grandparents and other family Members to See Kids

One of the things grandparents fear the most is being cut off from their grandkids. Often other family members such as aunts, uncles, and cousins, feel the same way.  Some stepparents dread the thought of being denied contact with their step-kids if they separate from the parent of those children.  When the Ontario government made changes to the Family Law legislation in 2021, it made it specifically possible for these non-parent family members to go to court and get orders to let them see, and even make decisions for kids.

In this episode of the Ontario Family Law Podcast, Certified Specialist in Family Law, John Schuman, explains how grandparents and other important people to a child can ask a judge to make an order permitting them to have time with the child, and perhaps even decision-making responsibilities.  He also explains the other consequences that can come along with those orders, such as a requirement to share personal information and even pay child support.   The process is a little more complicated than it is for parents, but going to Family Court is definitely a family option for a person who was important in a child’s life to go to court to get an order to reestablish contact.

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