Criminal Sentencing of Bullies in the St. Michael’s College Scandal

CBC Here and Now

CBC Here and Now on Sentencing in St. Michael’s Case

Three boys who committed violent physical and sexual assaults as part of hazing rituals at St. Michael’s College School and then shared a video of the assaults on social media have been sentenced pursuant to the Youth Criminal Justice Act.   Justice Weagant sentences the three boys to two years of probation each.  All three boys had already been expelled from the elite private boys' school.  One of the victims alleges he also had to leave the school because of ongoing bullying centred around his victimization.  Education Lawyer, John Schuman, has been involved in many legal cases about students being bullied at school.  He discussed the the sentencing of the boys in the St. Michael’s case, the ramifications of that and the civil court case against the school in this segment from CBC Toronto’s Here and Now with Gill Deacon (Find the player at left or below on some mobile devices)

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