38 - Ontario Private Schools, Standards and Education Law

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38 - Ontario Private Schools, Standards, and Education Law

Many children attend Ontario Private Schools.  They do so in the belief that those schools provide a superior education to publicly funded schools, including superior academics, better sports, smaller class sizes and more attention to children’s needs.  But, does Ontario Law require private schools to meet those expectations or  meet any standards at all?  Recent private school scandals have pointed out just how little Ontario Education Law protects students at private schools. Parents should know what they are getting into before enrolling their child.

In this edition of the podcast, Toronto Education Lawyer, John Schuman explains how Ontario Education applies, and does not apply to Ontario Private Schools.  He lets parents how to know what standards apply to any Ontario Private School that they are considering and what to do if the school falls below those standards.  This is information that every parent needs to know before sending their child to private school. 

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