17 - Sole Custody, Joint Custody, Split Custody, Shared Parenting, Parallel Parenting - How Do Family Court Judges Decide?

Ontario Family Law Podcast - Episode 16 - How to conduct the Family Law Trail

17 - Sole Custody, Joint Custody, Shared Custody- How do Judges Decide?

This episode of the Family Law Podcast was recorded live at lecture that John Schuman gave to a group of legal professionals on the topic of the different parenting options after separation and how judges decide between them.  This edition explains the real legal difference between sole custody and joint custody.  It also explains what is meant by the terms "shared custody", "split custody" and "parallel parenting."  With all these options, it is important to know which is best for the children.  John goes over the factors that Family Court Judges think are important in custody cases and how each of those factors influence the court in favour of one form of parenting or another after separation. 


Anyone who is involved in a child custody case will find this edition of the podcast indispensable not only in understanding how the law applies to them, but also to help them make plans for protecting what is in their children’s best interest. 

What does the term child custody mean?

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Why fight over child custody?
Parenting Time is what Matters: Shared and Split Custody
When do judges order joint or shared child custody?


Children's Law Reform Act, section 24

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