Why Ontario Private Schools Don’t Have the Same Requirements as Public Schools - Including the Duty to Report Child Abuse

Hundreds of thousands of Ontario Children attend school at Ontario Private Schools.   Despite how many private schools operate in Ontario and how many children attend them, most parents are surprised to learn that Ontario’s Education Act creates almost no rules for private schools.  They do not have to create safe environment for the students, they do not have to hire certified teachers, they do not have to combat bullying.   After covering events in the scandal at St. Michaels’ College School, the Global News Team, explains the very few requirements Private Schools do have to meet.  Then at 28 minutes, Education Lawyer,  John Schuman, explains why private schools may not even have to report some types of child abuse (including sexual child abuse). 

For more on how the rules are different for public and private schools, read this page, which has even more videos explaining these issues. 

Parents frequently do not understand what rights there children have in private schools, or public schools, or how to best protect their children while at school. To contact Education Lawyer, John Schuman, call 416-446-5869 or use the contact form below.  You can also comment on this story and video, or share it on your social network using the buttons below.  Sharing is one of the best ways to make sure people who need this information get it.

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