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Legal and Valid Separation Agreements - Step by Step

After separation, there are only two ways finalize things with your ex under Ontario Family Law: 

1. by way of a court order, or 

2. with a separation agreement.  

Almost everyone uses a separation agreement and avoids having terms imposed on the spouses and children by a Family Court Judge.  But, to have a valid separation agreement, whether it be about Child Custody, Child Support, Alimony or Property Division, separating spouses have to follow certain rules and take certain steps - even if when they are working with a mediator.  In this segment on To Your Success TV, Certified Specialist in Family Law, John Schuman, explains what to do to have a separation agreement that will stand up so you only have to divorce your ex once - and not over and over again because her or she does not like the agreement any more.

Ontario Family Law Podcast

In addition to watching this video, you can listen to this episode of the Ontario Family Law Podcast on how to have a valid separation agreement.


24 - How to Have a Valid and Enforceable Separation Agreement

This video does not cover the principles of family law that set out what term should go into a separation agreement, or that let separating spouses know if their deal is fair.  You can find out lots more about family law on this website  including how to avoid common mistakes in divorce and separation. However, to know how the law applies to your precise situation, you really need to talk to a good family law lawyer. To meet with John Schuman, the lawyer on this video, you can call 416-446-4036, email him, or use the form below. You can also use the form below to comment on this video.  

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You can also learn lots more, not jut about the rules that govern separation agreements, but the basics of most family law issues, such as child custody law, child support law, spousal support law, and how to divide property after separation, in the book, Guide to the Basics of Ontario Family Law, which is available as a $9.99 Kindle eBook, Kobo eBook, or iBook for your iPad or iPhone and as a a paperback from Amazon and better bookstores. 

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