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How to Win in Family Court: When to Fight It Out in Court and How to Persuade the Judge When You Do

In this video from the TV Show, Family Matters with Justice Harvey Brownstone, Certified Specialist in Family Law, Lawyer John Schuman, discusses Family Court with Justice Harvey Brownstone.  This video gives you tips on how get what you want in your family law case.  They start by talking whether Family Court is the best way to resolve your divorce, child custody, support or other family law dispute.  There are alternatives to court.  But sometimes you really do need to fight it out in court, by going to trial or taking on your ex spouse in the court room.  Justice Brownstone and John Schuman discuss when you need to battle it out in court… and the consequences for the loosing side in that battle.


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If you are going to fight it out in court, you need to understand how to persuade a judge that you are the one who is right.  In court, what you can prove is more important that what you say, even if you have a lot of people cheering you on in the courtroom.  Justice Brownstone and John Schuman discuss winning and losing strategies in family court.  Learn everything you need to know to win in family court by watching this video.  To learn how to lose in family court, check out this page.  If you are in court, fighting it out, it is also important to understand the family court process, which John Schuman explains in this video.

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How Spousal Support / Alimony Works in Ontario Family Law

Spousal support (which is called Alimony in the United States) is often one of the most contentious and difficult issues in separation and divorce.  In this video, family lawyer and Certified Specialist in Family Law, John Schuman, explains how spousal support works in Ontario Family Law.  This video explains:

  1. What spousal support is.
  2. How a person becomes entitled to spousal support - which includes when a common law couple becomes more like a married couple.
  3. What are the objectives / purposes of spousal support.
  4. How spousal support is calculated and how long it lasts.  This includes an explanation of the different ways spousal support can be paid  including as a lump sum, and periodic payments, which each have very different tax treatments. (Only periodic spousal support is tax deductible).  John also explains the Spousal Support Advisory Guidelines.
  5. What factors make it more likely that a family court judge will order more or higher spousal support.
  6. Whether there are any ways to get out of spousal support.  Some ideas that are discussed in this video include marriage contracts and bankruptcy.

Usually after a separation, one spouse wants to get spousal support as recognition of his or her contribution of the marriage, while the other spouse wants the relationship over  - including all the economic ties - and does not want to pay support.  Watch this videos for tips on the hot issue of spousal support. 

Guide to the Basics of Ontario Family Law - 4th edition cover
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If you are separated or divorced and you have a spousal support issue, then you can contact Certified Specialist in Family Law, John Schuman, using the form below.  Or, if you know other people who need to know about spousal support, please share this video using the buttons below.You can get a lot more information about Ontario Family Law issues, including a further explanation of child support, disclosure, the court process for obtaining and changing child support, and other family law issues by downloading this $9.99 e-book  for KindleKobo, or iPad/iPhone/Mac or ordering the paperback version.   But, to keep out of trouble, it is always best to speak with a good family law lawyer.


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