How much time will a family court judge give me with my kids?

children who want to see their parentsAll cases about the parenting of a child are decided based on the "best interests" of the particular child.  So, whether your request is appropriate depends on your child's specific circumstances.  You really should speak to a lawyer about the details of your case.  Nothing in your request sounds unusual for a school-aged child.

If you want to know more about how judges decide parenting cases, including the specific factors they consider, you should listen to this podcast.  Or you can read this page about how judges decide parenting cases  and this one about what “child custody” means

In all cases, judges want to see that separated parents are taking the right approach to parenting their children and that they are putting their child first.  This podcast explains a lot about how to put your children first and be the best parent after a separation.

For more information about child custody cases, including an explanation of how the family court process works, the alternatives to going to court (that may work better for you and your child) and some tips on how to get what you want, get a copy of this $20 easy-to-understand book on the basics of Ontario Family Law

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The best way to figure out what to do in your particular circumstances, and to come up with a plan for you and your children is to speak to a good family law lawyer.  John Schuman is a Certified Specialist in Family Law.  To contact John, or to comment on this post, please use the contact form below.  If you have found this page useful, please share it on your social network using the buttons below the contact form.

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